Let’s take your good story and turn it into an amazing novel.

Writers come to me when their idea is developed, their draft is written, and they’ve taken it as far as they can go alone.

Take a look at the ways I work with writers below.

Next Right Step

A mini manuscript assessment you can use.

Our work together starts here. I’ll dig into what you’ve created so far, find your story’s greatest strengths and weaknesses, and point you to one clear priority for your next draft.

Stop spinning your wheels in endless revision. Instead, take your next right step towards a novel your readers will love.

Scene Mastery

A small group workshop to help you master writing and editing amazing scenes.

Great novels are made of great scenes. Which means that in order to create a novel your readers can’t put down, you need to craft amazing scenes.

In this 10-week workshop, I’ll give you extensive feedback on your scene writing and teach you the process I use to edit all my clients’ scenes. You’ll end the workshop ready to edit every scene of your novel.

Story Refinery

1:1 story structure refinement for experienced writers with polished drafts.

The best way to edit a novel isn’t to start at page one. First, take a step back, examine the big picture, and make a plan for your next draft.

In the Story Refinery, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

You’ll send me a detailed outline of your current manuscript. I’ll dig deep into your story and give you structural feedback on your plot, character arc, theme, point of view, and more. Then, over a series of coaching calls and writing assignments, we’ll workshop your outline into a clear roadmap for your next draft.

With your refined outline in hand, you’ll know exactly what to do when you sit down to revise your manuscript. 

Revision Coaching

1:1 coaching for writers with a revised and vetted outline for their next draft.

Once you have a map for your next draft, you’ll need to edit it page by page. And that’s exactly what we’ll do in one-on-one revision coaching.

You’ll revise your draft and send me pages as you go. Each week, we’ll meet for a call where I’ll give you extensive feedback on your scene structure and technique.

Together, you and I will bring out the very best in your writing. And when we’re finished, you’ll have a polished manuscript you’re proud to share with your readers.

Interested in working with me?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of books do you edit?

The short answer: In the Story Refinery and Revision Coaching, I edit character-driven novels for teens and adults.

To read the longer answer and see whether I’m a good fit for your book, click here for my complete manuscript wishlist.

That said, if you’re writing something that’s not on my manuscript wishlist, you’re welcome to join Scene Mastery. This workshop is open to writers of all fiction genres, as well as memoirists.

What kinds of writers do you work with?

I work with experienced writers who have developed their story idea and completed their manuscript. I’m here to help you take the good story you’ve written and make it amazing.

What kinds of experience make you an experienced writer? This might look like:

  • You’ve published novels before.
  • You’ve written several manuscripts, even if you haven’t published them.
  • This is your first novel, but you’ve revised this manuscript so many times, you’ve lost count of what draft you’re on.
  • You’ve studied fiction writing through books, courses, podcasts, an MFA, etc.

The best way to find out whether I’m a good fit to support you at your current stage is to chat! So if you’re not sure, fill out the form and tell me about your story.

I'm still working on my draft. When should I reach out?

I book editing services 3 to 5 months out. If you’re thinking of working with me, I encourage you to reach out early, even before you’ve finished your draft.

That will give you plenty of time to see whether I’m a good fit for your story. And if you decide to work with me, you’ll be able to reserve a spot on my calendar that matches your timeline.

What does a "revised and vetted outline" mean?

A revised and vetted outline is your map to edit your next draft. It’s what we’ll create together in the Story Refinery.

“Revised” means you’ve edited the outline so that it reflects what you want your story to become. “Vetted” means that an editor has assessed it to make sure that the story structure is solid and it will guide your next draft well.

You can work with me to prepare this outline in the Story Refinery. Or, you can work with my colleague, Kimberly Kessler, to create this outline, and then move into Revision Coaching with me when it’s ready.

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