Meet Your Editor

Welcome! I’m Alice.

I’m a developmental editor and copyeditor committed to making your stories shine.

I’ve been passionate about writing and editing since—well, as long as I can remember. I love a gripping story and a well-placed semicolon, and I’ll help you get them both just right.

Writing a YA novel? I can’t wait to read it.

I’m well-versed in a variety of genres, but my specialty is young adult literature. If you’re working on a YA novel with a bold protagonist struggling to navigate the world, I can’t wait to read it and help you turn it into a masterpiece. (Bonus points if there’s a romantic interest, too!)

I help you fill plot holes and find the perfect twist.

I’m the Editor-in-Chief of The Write Practice, where I help writers grow in their craft every day. I’m also a Story Grid certified developmental editor, and I use this robust methodology to help you find exactly where your story’s going right (and not-so-right).

Most importantly, I’ll help you find solutions to fix your story problems, so you can edit—and publish!—with confidence.


I help you put every comma in its proper place.

I mentioned above that I love a great story, and I also love a perfectly used semicolon. I’m a persnickety, detail-oriented grammar enthusiast who loves nerding out about en-dashes versus em-dashes and whether it’s really against the rules to split infinitives. (Spoiler alert: That’s an archaic “rule” you don’t need to follow.)

I can spot a rogue italicized semicolon a mile away (well, maybe not quite a mile away, but you get the picture). I put my typo-hunting skills to use copyediting writing from blog posts to books.

And when I’m not editing, I knit.

When I’m not helping you brainstorm the perfect twist for your story or correcting pesky comma splices, you can find me curled up in a cozy chair by a window with the next great YA novel, my latest knitting project, and a hot cup of tea.

Find out how I can help you make your story shine.

Training and Experience

Editor-in-Chief of The Write Practice

The Write Practice is an online writing community dedicated to helping writers grow. Since 2016, I’ve judged writing contests, coached writers, and edited dozens of books within the Write Practice community.

Story Grid Certified Editor

Story Grid is a robust editing methodology based on timeless story principles and decades of editorial experience in New York publishing. As a Story Grid certified developmental editor, I apply these story-editing tools to help you make your books the best they can be.

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